Week 4           21-25 Sep

Lab Manual Pages 6 -10

Lab Manual Pages 11 - 25

Lab Manual Pages 26 - 34

After completing the above lectures, the video below should be more relevant. Note the distances cited on the left-hand side of the screen and how they are expressed in terms of light speed and "look-back time." Most of the images you will see are actual photos with very little CGI except at the very end.

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"ASTR Astro Scales"

Week 3      14 - 18 Sep

Study Guide for Dark Matter Quiz

to take place on Week 4

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Reading Assignment:

The Importance of Conversations in Astronomy and Cosmology

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Use your Lab Manual with this and subsequent lectures.

These lectures are long, so hit "pause" every twenty minutes or so. It'll go better that way!

 Lab Manual Pages 1 - 3

Lab Manual Pages 4-5

Week 2             7-11 Sep  

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 "ASTR Dark Matter-Dark Energy" page

Week 1     28 Aug - 4 Sep