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Week 11   08 - 12 November

NOTE: These lectures were recorded before the current lab manual was revised, so the page numbers that I cite in the lectures won't match. Go by what is indicated in the blue type above each image of the lecture.

(1) Watch this first

(2)   Page 83 

(3)   Page 83 (continued), page 84

(4)   Page 84  (continued) page 85




Black Hole Arithmetic Practice

(click here)

Black Hole Arithmetic Solutions

(click here)

(8)  Page 86

(9)  Page 87 (plus page 82 revisited)


(11)   Sounds of Pulsars


(13)    Supermassive Black Hole in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy

(14)    A*  Milky Way Black Hole