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Week 4   19 -23 September

(1) Pages 39-40

(2) Pages 40a-40b

(3) Page 40c



Read these "Notes on Gravity" first before watching the next video. 

If you can print it, do so.

(Don't just skim it in 30 seconds-read it!)

Notes on Gravity

(click here)

(5)  Refer to pages 41, 42 in Lab Manual. They're data sheets we would use for an in-class lab if we were on campus.

(6)  Page 45a

(7) Pages 41-45


For those of you who are having some difficulty with conversions (seconds to years, years to seconds, etc.) here's a lesson on the topic from the Physics course. 

Also, I've included a brief instruction sheet, also from the Physics course.

Factor-Label Conversions

(click here)

Now that we've had a more in-depth discussion about gravity - and Newton's cannon - here's a humorous short story from the Golden Age of science fiction. Enjoy!

The Holes Around Mars

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Additional content on these topics: