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Week 5   15-19 February


(This also posted on Week 4, but I wanted to make sure you got this.)

For those of you who are having some difficulty with conversions (seconds to years, years to seconds, etc.) here's a lesson on the topic from the Physics course. 

Also, I've included a brief instruction sheet.

Factor-Label Conversions

(click here)

For those of you encountering difficulty with "cube roots" and assuming you're using the TI 30 XIIS calculator, here are a couple Youtube videos showing how to do cube roots using that calculator. 

If you're using something different, I'll bet you can find a tutorial on whatever model you do have.

Cube Root Tutorial 1

(click here)

Cube Root Tutorial 2

(click here)


Couldn't resist posting this one. 

I feel somehow that this is an appropriate intro before we begin discussing Relativity!

(3) Pages 46-48

These next topics are also covered in the text, section 12-11, pages 369-374

(4) Page 49

(5) Pages 50

(6) Pages 51-52

(7) Pages 53-55

(8) Pages 56-57

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